ご挨拶 – Greetings

会長挨拶 Greetings from the President


松井 宏次

Suwa International Friendship Association was founded in 1985 by leading of Mr. Masao Fujiwara who made the pioneering activities in many fields. Its motto is ‘Hands in hands with people all over the world’.
Making a point of civilian level activities, we put the secretariat in the city office. It’s the successful point that we cooperate with the administration. The Association is the pioneer of the grass roots movement for International Friendship.
Suwa city has four sister cities, St.Louis (America), Amboise (France), Worgl (Austria), Kundl (Austria). And we have acted basing in these countries’ people.
Especially in the case of St.Louis, high school students exchange program, ‘homestay experience with foreign high school life’ has continued about 30 years. So the number of people who participated this program reaches 300.
And also one of the main programs is ‘The day of Talking’ on October 9th. The object of this program is to achieve ‘Hands in hands with people all over the world’ – by the Charter of Suwa city – We proceed some events like concert, lecture, panel discussion as the day of thinking international friendship, mutual understanding and world peace.
I hope many more people participate our activities and that companies taking interest toward the world increase in number.

Koji Matsui
Suwa International Friendship Association President

名誉会長挨拶 Greetings from Honorary President


諏訪市長 金子 ゆかり

Since its establishment in 1985, Suwa International Friendship Association have continued the international exchange activities by citizens in cooperation with Suwa city. Also it provide the opportunities to deepen mutual understanding with foreigners. They have fostered human resources for the future through projects such as sending high school students to St. Louis, one of Suwa sister cities, and accepting students from abroad.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to all members including past board members for the effort to make it possible to continue mutual understanding and good relationship for a long time.
I will continue to promote international exchange in cooperation with the Suwa International Friendship Association, with the aim of expanding exchanges among citizens themselves and fostering human resources who can spread the charms of Suwa to the globe.
I hope that we will be able to proceed further international exchange activities on Suwa own. I also hope the support of many citizens including those who have experienced various programs such as high school students’ exchange study.
Lastly, I wish for the development of the Suwa International Friendship Association and for your good health and success.

Yukari Kaneko
Mayor of Suwa City
Suwa International Friendship Association Honorary President